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Live 1/2 Crash Course

Live $1/$2 NL Crash Course

ONLY $39.95

Master the strategies big winners use to beat you in small & big pots:

  • C-Betting, 3-Betting & Aggression
  • Hand Reading & Range Building
  • Pain Thresholds & Bet Sizing
  • Pre-Flop & Post-Flop Planning
  • Exploiting Weak & Unstudied Players
  • Game Theory Optimal Strategies
  • Mental Game & more…
MTT Crash Course

MTT Crash Course

ONLY $39.95

Get the skills you need to get in the money, final table, and ship more MTTs:

  • Constructing & Reading Ranges
  • 3-Betting & Applied Aggression
  • Stealing & Re-Stealing
  • Leveraging Stack Size
  • Early, Middle and Late-Stage Play
  • Independent Chip Modeling
  • Mental Resilience & more…

Each Crash Course includes:

PRO Video Playlist

Unlimited access to our top training videos on your game, made by top poker coaches.

Resource Dashboard

Dozens of podcasts, articles, concepts and forum posts specific to your game.

Poker Peer Support

Study and improve faster as a member of our friendly forum community.


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“I used your training and advice to advance to a final table at this year’s WSOP Super Seniors tournament in Vegas. I got a 20X return on my investment. Thank you Red Chip team.”
– Jim C.