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This is just some of what you'll learn...

♠  How to spot & gather information against unknowns so they become KNOWN players quickly

♠  How to create a +EV strategy against the new guy that just sat at your table

♠  How to 3bet preflop when you have little or zero information on your opponent

♠  How to understand their strategy after only seeing a few hands (and how to profitably adjust against them)

Get the info everyone else is missing ...

You'll walk away from this webinar knowing exactly what to look for during each session. Enjoy the extra winrate when you know how they play - and they are still trying to figure you out hours later.

There will be an extended Q&A at the end of the webinar to ensure you get all of the answers you need!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for live poker players, online poker, cash games, MTTs, or...?



The information gathering techniques work for all poker games. The exact examples and strategies we discuss are specific to Live & Online Cash Games.


What the heck is a webinar?

It's like a seminar - but on the web. That way you don't have to fly out to Vegas to train with can just improve your poker game from the comfort of your home.


I want to attend, but I'm busy that day. What should I do!?


No problem at all. Just register now and we'll send you a downloadable recording of the video within 48 hours of the webinar being completed.


PS. Everyone who registers gets this download - even if you attend!

Have any other questions?

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About The Webinar's Host

James Sweeney, aka SplitSuit, has been playing poker for over a decade and coaching players for more than 8 years. Over that time he's worked 1-on-1 with over 500 students to improve their strategy, he's released over 300 videos, wrote the best-selling book Dynamic Full Ring Poker: Beyond The Basics and co-founded Red Chip Poker to create the best poker community around.



Spend 3 green chips and upgrade skills you will use over your entire poker career

Can't make the live webinar?

No worries! Everyone who registers will get a downloadable video of the complete webinar when it's over. 

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