Ed Miller uses PowerPoint to make his Red Chip Poker videos, and some members have requested the slides so they can print them and take notes more easily. So we’ve decided to make all of his slide shows available so that you can follow along if you’d like. Save them, print them, even share them socially if you’d like! They are in reverse-chronological order (newest first). All of the videos are available in our PRO video library. If you have any questions, or need any help, just let us know. Enjoy!

GTO vs Exploitative Poker Play

There is so much talk today and GTO poker, that Ed Miller had to step in and share him thoughts on GTO vs exploitative poker. His thoughts may surprise you, considering this is the same author who wrote “Poker’s 1%” (also available as a video course), but if you follow along with Ed it all starts to make more sense.

Bet Sizing Tells

Miller explores the world of tells through bet sizes, and the goldmine of information behind the sizes that players choose. Learn which sizes are triggers for Miller to auto-raise, and which require more respect.

Practical Blind Play

The blinds suck. You pay them often, they leave you OOP, and they can be tricky to play. Miller breaks down how to improve your game from the blinds and promotes being a pain in the ass to your opponents.

6.5 MORE Hours Of $2-$5 At The WSOP

After the great success of the 1st video, Miller follows it up with another session of $2/$5. This time things go against him, but it makes for an excellent session review all the same.

6.5 Hours Of $2-$5 At The WSOP

Follow Ed through a session of $2/$5 as he goes through a large number of hands, dissecting each in excellent detail. Ever wonder what a professional’s session looks like? Well wonder no-more!

How To Use Your Opponents’ Aggression Against Them

Many players know they need to be aggressive, but they are aggressive in similar and predictable ways. Learn how they are predictable but more notably how to exploit them yourself. By handling their aggression with your own counter-strategies you can find yourself in more profitable situations much more often.

Everyone Is Terrible At Poker

Though a controversial title, the general sentiment is correct. Miller takes an interesting look into the poker ecosystem and explores the players that make up the poker tables at various levels.  He explains that virtually nobody in the game is that good – almost no players, except for the very top fraction of a percent, are “expert level.” Learn how “group-think” and other common tendencies creep up and limit a player’s progression.

All the parent videos from these slides are available in our PRO Video Archive. If you’re not quite ready for that level of membership, how about something for a single red chip?

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  • Ron K

    I love following Ed Millers plays and thought process. Thanks for putting the videos I watched into slides , very cool.

    • Red Chip Poker

      You’re very welcome Ron!

  • Richard

    why didnt you guys put up “How to beat 2/5 anywhere” ?


    • Red Chip Poker

      It looks like Ed was using a different software for that video…so he may not have had the slides laying around as easily

  • Amur

    I like a lot Ed’s Miller video ” bet size tell” (from October 2014), please make more videos/articles about it: like bet size tell: on Turn, and on River !( for cash play). Thanks!

    • Red Chip Poker

      We’ll get on Ed to post the Bet Sizing Tells powerpoint ASAP =)