Gripsed Tournament Bundle


This special bundle is meant for anybody who is looking to build their tournament game from the ground-up. Included in this bundle is Gripsed multi-table ebook, his hand charts for both 6max and 9max tables, and his complete video series which prepares you for each stage of an MTT (from early to late, with a complete video on playing the final table!)

+BONUS: For a limited-time your purchase also includes Hull’s ICM push charts for making the perfect shoves with a short stack!


If you have been looking up MTT strategy on YouTube, then you have surely run into Gripsed, a very prolific poker video producer. Evan (Gripsed) has also written a book and created a complimentary video series to bring his positive energy to teaching of MTT strategy. If you want results like his, this is a great to start your MTT learning.


The complete charts give you ranges for both 6max AND 9max games!


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