Live $1/$2 NLHE Crash Course


Learn how to beat Live $1/$2 NLHE from some of today's most well-known low-stakes poker coaches and authors out there: Ed Miller, James “SplitSuit” Sweeney, Doug Hull, Christian Soto, and more. Get unlimited access to over 11.5 hours of poker strategy video on hand reading, c-betting, bet sizing, aggression, 3-betting, bluffing, barreling, exploitative poker, and other core skills every $1/$2 player needs.

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The live $1/$2 no limit hold ‘em Crash Course from Red Chip Poker brings together all of our best content on low stakes cash games. You’ll find a playlist with over 11 and a half hours of strategy videos from coaches like Ed Miller, James “SplitSuit” Sweeney, Doug Hull, Christian Soto, and more. They cover concepts you need to consistently beat $1/$2, like hand reading, c-betting, 3-betting, bet sizing, barreling, and how to exploit the mistakes of your opponents.

Along with all the videos, you also get a dashboard full of our best podcasts and strategy articles for live $1/$2 players.

Pay once and get unlimited access to your Crash Course, or become a Red Chip Poker PRO member and enjoy all of the Crash Courses, along with over 100 hours of training videos.

If you’re sick of breaking even or being a small winner at $1/$2, our Crash Course will give you the skills you need to profit from poker like never before.