MTT Crash Course


Learn how to cash in and win MTTs from some of today's most talented tournament coaches and authors out there: Gareth James, Christian Soto, Jordan Young, Doug Hull, and more. Get unlimited access to over 9 hours of poker strategy video on stack size leverage, push/fold charts, 3-betting, stealing, mental game, and other core skills every MTT player needs.

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The MTT Crash Course from Red Chip Poker brings together all of our best content on multi-table tournaments. You’ll find a playlist with over 9 hours of strategy videos from tournament specialists like Jordan Young, Christian Soto, Gareth James, Doug Hull, and more. They cover the concepts you need to cash more, to make more final tables, and start taking first place: push/fold concepts, stealing, 3-betting, leveraging your stack size, the independent chip model, and mental game are just a few of the things we’ll cover.

Along with all the videos, you also get a dashboard full of our best podcasts and strategy articles specifically for MTT players.

Pay once and get unlimited access to your Crash Course, or become a Red Chip Poker PRO member and enjoy access to all of the Crash Courses, and over 100 hours of training videos in total.

Whether you’re preparing for a big tournament or just want to dominate your home game, our MTT Crash Course will give you the skills you need to go all the way.


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