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This is Doug Hull’s first book edited by the one-and-only Ed Miller. The book, coming in at over 250 pages, takes a comprehensive look at beating today’s live poker games.  Doug took real hands and situations from his own $1/$2, $2/$5, and $5/$10 games to highlight real spots and strategies.  If your live poker game has gotten a little stagnant, or if you are just looking ot move up to the next level sooner, pick up this book today and get to work!

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There is no better book on today’s market to fully refine your live poker game than Poker Plays You Can Use.  With 39 main chapters and 24 missions, you will get a well-rounded education with both theoretical and practical elements.

Doug worked closely with Ed Miller, and in turn he created a great book that you are sure to love and return to over the years.  Here is just one of many loving reviews of the book:

I’m only a few lessons in so far, but this is such a great extension of Ed Miller’s last few books, that I don’t think the worst marketing in the world could keep people from snapping these up.  Putting things together in bite-sized chunks in terms of how-to-exploit-this-situation is genius.  I say the true magic to most material out there is in the organization and presentation.  You knocked this one out of the park.  Very impressive.

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3 reviews for Poker Plays You Can Use eBook

  1. 5 out of 5


    At best, I was a break even player at low stakes live. Like many, I bought several books and watched videos. Honestly, it was all a jumble and hard to come up with a coherent way of thinking or playing during a live session in real time. This book is not for a beginner player. However, what it did for me was to bring all the concepts I had been trying to comprehend and show how they are applied. Since reading the book, I now win consistently.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Hi everyone,

    Like for many of you, poker is a passion for me. I spend hours playing and studying the game. In the beginning poker looks easy; however, experience quickly proves the opposite is true. The game is like a huge onion filled with layer after layer of nuance that can be extremely frustrating at times.

    One of the biggest irritations for me is knowing in my gut a Villain is getting out of line, yet being unsure about what to do about it. Few things feel worse than folding what is probably the best hand against aggression that just feels fishy…for some reason. Man, those types of hands just replay long after those cards hit the muck.

    Growing frustration led me to look for answers from someone that understands these types of problems. Doug’s book, Poker Plays You Can Use, is exactly what I was looking for. The book is packed with specific plays designed to counter specific types of Villains in specific types of situations.

    Many poker books provide great theoretical information. Problem is that too often, they fall short when it comes to specific, concrete plays usable at the table. Poker Plays does an awesome job of arming the reader with moves that go beyond the cards. The key to consistent profitability against an improving field of players is mastering the art of 1) exploiting situations, and 2) attacking weakness, even when disguised as strength. This book, more than any other I have read, teaches that art. Think of Poker Plays You Can Use as teaching mixed martial arts for the felt.

    Hope this helps. GL.

  3. 5 out of 5


    I’ve reviewed quite a few poker books (just an amateur or semi-pro player, not a professional editor or publisher or anything). This one is kind of hard to review because I’m a bit biased toward it. When a book happens to fill a void or explain something missing in your game that you just need, it’s going to have uncharacteristically high value for you, aside from whether or not it’s actually a “good” poker book. I’ve read a number of good books that I would recommend, but I didn’t really learn much from because I already knew it.

    Coming into this book, I was basically solid, tight, understood all the math basics, etc. But I knew there was something missing from my game. I usually left the table after a small win with the feeling that I just left some money on the table. This book just did such a great job of helping me start to get out of my shell and open up a little more.

    Frankly, other books cover “bluffing” in the context of the modern 6-max online game. But I really am starting not to like that game. It’s all becoming HUDs and balancing 4-bet ranges and…. blech. This is about real, live poker, and the hand examples are organized and explained in a way that you can understand it and “take it with you”. You also leave with a plan for improvement.

    I’m reminded of a quote by Jack Nicklaus, or his teacher, who said it’s important to get power first and refinement later. In poker, I’m not sure that’s true. I prefer it the way I did it. You can start out tight and nitty, and add power later. This was probably the most important resource for me to start taking that step. I felt so much more confident in my game and my understanding of other players after reading this. I still have a lot to learn if I want to take on higher stakes players, but this sent me in the right direction.

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