Poker Work Book for Math Geeks


This is the poker book that will take you from a “feel player” to a complete player. Learn the math that is the backbone of hold’em.


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Mental Math Shortcuts for PokerPoker Work Book for Math Geeks takes the major situations where math matters and shows you how to solve them in your head. The book gives you hundreds of problems to hone your skills with. Repetition and clarity away from the table are the key to solving these problems at the table.

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The book covers

  • Pre-flop all-in equities
  • Flop all-in equities
  • Flop implied odds
  • Turn all-in equities
  • Turn implied odds
  • Fold equity calculations

The book covers hand versus and and uses that as a basis to calculate hand on range equities.

The simple to use worksheets give you hundreds of problems to work through. This will help your game if you are a feel player.

“I am not a math person, but I am a poker person. Having loved Doug’s last book (Poker Plays You Can Use), I gave this a shot. Even though I’m not math-inclined, I found it to be the perfect fit given that fact.”

-Z. Shaw

“The instruction is clear and well organized and his conversational writing style makes the material a lot more entertaining than a typical math discussion normally is.”

-B. Warren

“…Most of all these books are really boring and hard to read.
But now a really good practical and exciting poker math book , a book that makes it very easy to learn , enjoy and love to study and increase your poker profits , finally exists.”

-Antonius F

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