Poker’s 1% By Ed Miller (Ebook)


Elite poker players think differently about the game than the other 99% of the players do.  What are they thinking about?  Are they soul-reading, using white magic?  No, they are thinking about the frequencies that they should be betting, calling and raising with in a given situation  Miller shows you how to think in this different way.

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Poker’s 1% Ed Miller has done it again.  This is a book for the rest of us on what Game Theory Optimal (GTO) is.  GTO is a strategy of playing poker where reads do not mater, it is as if you have never seen the other player before, so can make no assumptions.  This is exactly what happens when players are multi-tabling online, when you are playing against unknowns, and when you are playing against the highest levels of competition.

Miller shows that the math has already been done before you come to the table.  That you should be betting and calling with a much higher percentage of your hands post-flop that you likely are.  By understanding that Poker is a game of frequencies, he shows you how to find gaping holes in the strategies of your opponents.


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