The Course By Ed Miller (Ebook)


We have been waiting for Ed Miller to write “The poker book every player should read”. He has delivered a strategy book that can take you from $1-$2 through $5-$10. He outlines the thought processes and ideas that will make you a winner at each level.

Product Description

The Course Ed Miller is known for his higher level strategy books, but in this book he lays down the fundamentals before working up the food chain. Miller breaks the game down into specific skills that will guide a player from $1-$2 all the way to $5-$10. This is not a “Flush beats straight” level book, he assumes you know how to play and want to get better. The emphasis on practical, actionable advice is shown in the first three skills for beating $1-$2:

  • Simple and effective pre-flop strategy
  • Don’t pay people of
  • Assess the value of your hand

Here is an early-review from one reader:

The book is not a difficult read.  Quite the contrary, in fact.  I found it very interesting and enjoyable, and was able to gather a number of useful ideas for my own game. I believe even knowledgeable, experienced players will be pleasantly surprised with the amount of useful new information they find in the book.

-Bill Conklin (Las Vegas)

If you are getting serious about poker for the first time, or are reassessing your game to improve and move up, this is the book for you.


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