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The GTO Ranges App

Get the edge of exploitative and GTO preflop ranges available right on your phone. Preflop ranges for every skill level. Exactly what you need to increase your win-rate.

Download the app today for free to get all of our GTO open-raising ranges.

If you like it, you can upgrade at any time to access every range. 


All Your Preflop Ranges

A solid preflop strategy is mandatory for winning in today’s games. If your preflop ranges aren't strong, the 2024 regs will punish you. Play too few hands, and you miss opportunities to gain edges.

So we did the work for you. We spent hundreds of hours playing with these ranges, thousands of hours solving, and countless hours putting your entire preflop strategy in your pocket. Never fear what you should open raise from MP or 3-bet with from the SB, this app has you covered.


GTO & Exploitative Range Charts

Over the years, we have built both GTO and exploitative ranges. Our GTO solves leverage high-end solvers on even higher-end cloud servers that run meticulously-created gametrees 24/7. We then manually review each range and make specific simplification tweaks to maintain correct GTO frequencies, while minimizing complex mixes, so you can actually utilize the ranges at the tables. Sure, you could spend $25,000+ doing the same thing, or just grab the app and save yourself tons of time and money.

And our exploitative charts are hand-crafted by our coaches who play the same games you do. Each range focuses on player pool tendencies, making your preflop decisions simpler, and setting you up for postflop success. These exploitative ranges have been battle tested so you can begin profitably using them in your next session.


Key Features Of The App

Simply Organized

Ranges are organized by game type, action, and positions.

Easy Charts

A simple color schema makes understanding the ranges easy.

6-Max Ranges

Both GTO and exploitative ranges for online 6-max cash games.

MTT Ranges

GTO ranges for both live and online poker tournaments.

Live Ranges

Exploitative and GTO ranges for live cash game players.

All Future Ranges

Get access to every new range we build (and even suggest solves!)

Your Favorites

Save your favorite ranges to quickly access them at any time.

Offline Access

Access your ranges even when the internet connection sucks.

Desktop Access

Coming soon.


App Reviews

Very well done...

"I must say that the RCP app is very well done. Clear, smooth and incredibly easy to use. It offers everything you need to train different preflop scenarios for cash games and tournaments. All in all, it is a great range visualizer."

Marco C.

Eye opening...

"The app has wider ranges than I personally use, but I err on the nittier side. It was eye-opening to compare ranges quickly by modifying villain's tightness in the exploitative ranges. I’m looking forward to incorporating some of the hands I wouldn’t have thought to play until now.”

Eugene M.


The GTO Ranges App FAQ

How do I pay for the app?

If you want full access to the app, you can upgrade at any time using a credit card, PayPal, or cryptocurrency (coming soon). Purchase below, or within the app after downloading and testing it out.

Do I need to register again? 

The website and app use the same account system, so if you are already an existing Red Chip Poker member, log in to the app with your normal email & password credentials. If you don't have one, you can create an account in the app or during checkout.

I have a Red Chip Poker Membership. What do I have access to?

If you are an active CORE Member, you have access to the exploitative 6-max and full ring ranges. If you are an active PRO Member, you have complete access to the entire app with no additional purchase. For more information, see this chart.

More questions about the app?

Find answers to them here.


Buy The App & Get Every Range

Purchase the GTO Poker Ranges App today to get every preflop range and future range as well. Don’t spend thousands of dollars and hours trying to create your own, instead unlock the app to solidify your entire preflop strategy.




Open raising ranges

GTO 6-max ranges

Exploitative 6-max ranges

Exploitative & GTO live ranges

GTO MTT ranges



Open raising ranges

GTO 6-max ranges

Exploitative 6-max ranges

Exploitative & GTO live ranges

GTO MTT ranges




Open raising ranges

GTO 6-max ranges

Exploitative 6-max ranges

Exploitative & GTO live ranges

GTO MTT ranges

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