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How are they going to do it? With PRO they have:

  • 24/7 access to hundreds of in-depth training videos from over a dozen top coaches
  • HD videos that teach you the latest tactics
  • Training material specific to the game you play
  • Complete access to CORE (reg. $260/yr)
  • All of our Crash Courses (reg. $120)
  • A community of serious players like you
  • VIP service & guidance from our team

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What's Included? Everything.

PRO Video Library

If you want to learn it, you'll find it in our massive training video catalog. Browse by game, difficulty, coach, topic and more. We even have playlists to help you find the next right video to watch!


Featuring 100+ guided lessons, dozens of quizzes, hours of exclusive videos, achievement badges, and more. There has never been a poker strategy learning experience as complete as CORE.

Crash Courses

Live $1/$2 cash games, MTTs and aggression each get put under the microscope in their respective Crash Course. Access all 3 dashboards, each containing weeks of study material.

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In-Demand Poker Coaches & Authors

Ed Miller

Author of Poker's 1%, The Course, Playing the Player, How to Read Hands at No Limit Hold 'Em.

James "SplitSuit" Sweeney

Coach of 500+ students, creator of The Hand Reading Lab, prolific author & video producer.

Doug Hull

Coach & author of Poker Plays You Can Use and Poker Workbook for Math Geeks, Flop Falcon developer.

Christian "Chin" Soto

Coach, professional player, poker strategy author and teacher at Solve for Why Academy.







Andrew Brokos




Brad Lampman

Dustin Goldklang

Dr. Tricia Cardner

Jacob S. • PRO Member

"Red Chip Poker is the best site out there of its kind. It has easily paid for itself. Thank you for all the time put into explaining such a complex game."

Kevin O. PRO Member

"Last week I qualified for the Irish Open, having won a live satellite where one ticket was up for grabs. Your videos definitely helped."

Joshua F. • PRO Member


"I just wanted to congratulate you guys on an awesome site. I've joined a couple other online training sites, but their videos are boring and not helpful. I've only watched a couple videos from you guys, and they've been solid."

unlimited access • $50/mo. • cancel anytime