We are incredibly proud to release The Official Red Chip Poker Podcast! This podcast is for the poker player on the go. If you want a mini-coaching session on the drive to work, or to learn about valuable concepts while on a walk…you’re going to love this podcast.

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Introducing Flop Falcon

Doug Hull is a true poker polymath: co-founder of this site, coach, author, grinder of $1/$2 NL… and now, poker software developer. His new app Flop Falcon gives a more information-dense [...]

Attacking Limpers

Attacking limpers is a fundamental aspect of playing power poker. Instead of being a passive player trying to smash a cheap flop, we want to be aggressive and apply maximum pressure when our [...]

MTT Overhaul

Luke Haward is the newest coach at Red Chip Poker, and in this episode we interview him about overhauling our MTT games. We focus on pre-flop leak-busting, the subject of Haward’s debut Red Chip [...]

Deviations in Strategy

This episode is a bit different, literally. What I mean by that is we’re going to talk about thinking differently in poker, and how to create strategies that deviate from the norm to make us [...]

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