We are incredibly proud to release The Official Red Chip Poker Podcast! This podcast is for the poker player on the go. If you want a mini-coaching session on the drive to work, or to learn about valuable concepts while on a walk…you’re going to love this podcast.

Below you can find, stream, and check out the shownotes for every episode. Tune into one of the few poker podcasts to have over 1,000,000 downloads. Happy listening!

Adjust Or Bust

Fausto Valdez is one of our favorite coaches and contributors. This episode’s discussion showcases his keen sense of when and how to make adjustments in any poker environment. We talk to [...]

Bet Sizing & Chunking

This week’s podcast features a hand history breakdown provided by Adam Jones. The hand was originally submitted to the Red Chip Poker forum by one of our members, generated considerable [...]

Running Deep In The Main

Andreas “Rayo” Kniep provided the Red Chip Poker community with a sweat in this year’s WSOP Main Event, running deep into Day 5 and a 173rd place finish. Rayo, a student of RCP coach Luke [...]

Biggest Pot Of My Life

This week, host Zac Shaw talks about the biggest pot he ever played at $1/$2, and in the process details over a dozen ideas you can use to analyze your own big hands. Rather than focus on [...]

The Art Of The Scoop

This week, Greg Vail, our resident split pot specialist, joins us to answer your questions from the forum about Big O and O8. He’s celebrating the release of his new book, Scoop! Big O and [...]

From Rec To Grinder

Author, consultant and poker player Eileen Sutton has been getting deeper and deeper into the grind, taking on star coach Tommy Angelo and distilling his wisdom down to a strategy to win in the [...]