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With so many moving parts, a complete poker strategy can feel like an impossibility. So we created CORE from the ground up to lay out everything you need to know in an easy-to-grasp course. It's the poker university you've been looking for, and we are going to help you through it. 

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What Do You Get In CORE?





CORE contains 100+ lessons organized into courses like Ranges, Betting, Preflop, Postflop, Math, Mental Game, with dozens of exclusive training videos plus quizzes. Don't see the lesson you need? Ask us to create it! 

CORE is always evolving and growing based on the feedback of students like you.

Look, you're not going to become the best player you can be just by watching pros play and talk through their hands. Who cares if a training site has 1,000 hours of video if you have to do all the work in extracting their strategy? 

If you want to win bigger & have your own strategy, you need to learn smarter.

We know you don't have much time to study, let alone play the game you love. CORE contains short, step-by-step lessons that you can complete in a single sitting. Each lesson builds on the last, until you have a solid foundation of poker knowledge.

This Is What Poker Training Was Supposed To Be...

Everything You Need At A Price That Every Bankroll Can Afford

  • Features a growing library of learning material that's always evolving and expanding
  • A clear path for learning the right concepts at the right point in your study
  • Contains 15+ hours of training videos from our top coaches, including CORE exclusives
  • An entire textbook’s worth of text and diagrams
  • Challenging quizzes with hundreds of questions to measure your progress
  • Earn badges and compete on leaderboards to show off your growing skillset
  • Get strategy questions answered by coaches and other CORE members
  • Learn at your own pace and go back to review and reference as you progress
  • Get mini-lessons to apply your CORE skills in real-wold situations
  • Never again ask the question "what do I need to learn & study next?"

There are two things we all want more of: time & money. CORE saves you heaps of time - allowing you to build the skills you need in fewer hours. And at $5/week, you won't even dent your bankroll.

Learning doesn't need to be stuffy and boring. So we've installed achievements & badges to earn within CORE. It's the closest thing to one of our coaches giving you a high-five that we could add!

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"Overall, I love CORE. Red Chip Poker is full of good content but the value of taking it all and organizing it in a curriculum/class type format can't be overstated."

Brendan T.



no hidden fees ● cancel anytime

Every lesson you complete, every quiz you ace, gets you one step closer to moving up & playing your best poker.

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