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GTO Poker Gems

GTO poker is complicated. Everything from setting up a solver, to properly creating game trees, to expertly analyzing the output is complex. So we distilled our years of solver exploration into this book to give you the strategic highlights and understanding of GTO poker strategy in today’s games. 

Understand GTO

As GTO poker continues to boom in popularity, the need to understand the key concepts quickly also increases. While every poker player has at least heard about GTO, very few actually understand it. And unless you live and breathe solver analysis, chances are you struggle to apply real GTO concepts in your strategy.

So we wrote GTO Gems to share the biggest takeaways that you get from endless solving. This includes everything from the single vs. multiple bet sizes, big blind defense, polarized vs. condensed ranges, and even simplifications.

Each chapter is as concise as possible so you can digest the big-picture ideas quickly and immediately begin putting them to use at the tables.

Is GTO Gems For You?

Go Even Deeper

If you’re the type of player who wants to go even deeper in your poker study, we’ve included every solver model that was used while researching GTO Gems. That means you can fire up the same game tree, see the exact solver breakdown, and even test modifications on the fly.

You do not need a solver to get maximum value from this book, since we’ve shared the major takeaways and analyses. However, overachieving students will appreciate the inclusion of the models for following along with various scenarios.

Each model was built with the GTO+ solver (Windows-only). If you don’t use GTO+, you can optionally grab a copy (plus a complete training course on using the software) with The Red Chip Poker GTO+ Bundle.

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Want the physical version as well? Grab the GTO Gems paperback via Amazon.

About Red Chip Poker

Red Chip Poker (RCP) is a team of established coaches that simply want to help you play smarter poker. Poker is an incredibly complex game, and even running a single play requires knowledge of multiple concepts. We started this training site to centralize our coaches' knowledge and share it so you can learn both effectively and efficiently.

GTO Gems was written by our coach and frequent host of our podcast “w34z3l”, along with our co-founder James “SplitSuit” Sweeney. Find more from both coaches in our CORE and PRO courses, and follow along here with James’ poker VLOG.

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