GTO+ Software

We officially partnered with GTO+ (the same team behind Flopzilla Pro) since their tools are incredibly powerful and well supported. This Windows-only* software is the most accessible GTO solver on the market. The honest truth is most players do not need insanely specialized solvers that run 24/7 on a custom server, you just need a solver that allows you to analyze your poker hands and determine the optimal line within a few minutes. GTO+ does exactly that, and comes with:

  • Simple and advanced tree creation
  • Complete bet, call, and raise trees
  • Play and train against the solver
  • Various display methods
  • Node locking options
  • Advanced scripting capabilities
  • A single-computer lifetime license
  • Includes all new feature updates

* Minimum system requirements include Windows 7 with at least 4 cores (at 2gHz), 8GB of ram, and 10GB of storage.

The GTO+ Course

What good is a solver if you are not 100% sure how to use it? Sure, you could sift through hundreds of hours of boring YouTube videos and support documentation, but that sucks.

So we made a completely new GTO course that shows you exactly how to get the most from your GTO+ solver. This 12-lesson course guides you through setting up your solver, creating and running trees, and some of our team’s findings that you can apply to your own strategy. Here is the complete table of contents:

  1. Setting up GTO+
  2. Building a c-betting IP tree
  3. Basic scripting with GTO+
  4. Advanced trees when c-betting OOP
  5. Solver-approved aggression when OOP
  6. Simplifying turn barrels
  7. Commitment ranges in 3-bet pots
  8. Simplification in 3-bet pots
  9. Bluffing rivers with GTO+ study
  10. MDF exploration
  11. Turn & river tree analysis
  12. Key findings

Get up to speed on using GTO+ and understand both the input and output from solvers. You will be able to analyze your own hands and navigate the tree in no time at all, plus be able to find macro ideas more easily.

This course also includes all GTO+ save files so you can follow along with each lesson more easily and do extra exploration with a single click.


“Once I got the initial time investment out of the way in terms of learning the software and getting everything set up, GTO+ has been an invaluable tool in my study. Being able to run the solves on my own hands has really helped nail down some patterns in common spots that I was playing far from optimal.”

Brian S.

“I’ve been using GTO+ for about a month, and I really like the flexibility of inputting separate bet sizes (cbet, probe, donk). Plus the ability to solve a variety of weighted subsets is a huge bonus! The integration to Flopzilla Pro is fantastic too, especially the live updates when playing vs. the solution.”

Mike M.

How To Buy

Grab the best GTO solver on the market today.


Get the solver plus lifetime access to the training course and all save files.

GTO+ Software ( Windows only)

GTO+ Course

GTO+ Save Files


Don’t Get Left Behind

As more students focus their attention on GTO strategies, complacent players will get surpassed. But you do not need a Ph.D. in game theory and compsci to use a solver. You just need the right tool, and some training, to start seeing your poker strategy more clearly. Ready to join us?

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