As in countless Westerns, poker was used merely as an index of male virility. — Anthony Holden, Big Deal — Let’s finally make the strip-club sign ours: Girls! Girls! Girls! Barriers [...]

Grind Like The Big Kids

Poker is hypnotic. A siren call. We enter a weird expensive world in a kind of trance. It takes years to get our brains right and generate profit. So the road to that exquisite Maserati is [...]

Poker is Love

In this early Twilight Zone episode convict James Corry runs toward the rocket ship bringing his supplies. The year is 2046. Corry has been sentenced to a solitary life on an asteroid nine [...]

Rage in Spades

Fact: women play live poker in tiny numbers. Maybe they’re busy changing diapers or working three jobs or they live too far from casinos. Or maybe they’ve been harassed by tilted aggressive men [...]

Stu Ungar and The Dames

As a novelist, I stalk narrative. I get high on connective story tissue. Cause and effect. This begets that. Life and heart stuff. A staunch right-brainer, I’m deeply creative and subjective. I [...]

Weeping Over Uncertainty

Why are poker players infants? We can’t have it both ways. We can’t launch ridiculously profitable surprise attacks then complain bitterly when a “fish” (however defined) makes us the victim. We [...]