+ev poker books

Did you know that our coaches have collectively penned over 25 poker books? You can find them all on Amazon, but we’ve also gone ahead and laid out our favorite books here so you can dive right in!

Just a heads up that this page contains affiliate links. If you buy something through any of those links, you don’t pay a penny extra, but we earn a small commission for each sale. You get a great product, we make a few bucks – a win/win for all!

GTO Gems is our latest book that distills years of solver work and exploration into a digestible form that’s easy to read and understand. Get powerful insights from real solver output around concepts like bet sizing, preflop defense, range construction, and more.

This best-selling poker workbook guides you through 1,500+ problems to improve your math and preflop strategy. Topics include everything from combos to pot odds to EV to 3-betting. You also get a complete answer key and a companion video course too!

The Postflop Poker Workbook is the perfect off-table study tool for intermediate players looking to refine their technical skillset. Practice everything from hitting vs. missing, runouts, floating, pot geometry, and complete hand history explorations. Answer key included.

OAK explores a cohesive poker strategy through the lens of a single starting hand: Ace King. Improve your AK play in the areas that matter most like 3bet-4bet wars, handling flops when you miss, playing draws, and extracting maximum value along the way.

Unfolding Poker takes an unconventional approach to poker books. SplitSuit answers the questions that students like yourself consistently ask like “when should I hold or fold an overpair?” and “what should I do when my c-bets keep failing?” with actionable advice.

As games like Big O and PLO8 continue to grow in popularity, having a solid plan of attack is crucial. Greg Vail shows you what you need to know to win in these games from hand selection to playing one-way hands to alternative lines that punish the regs at your table.

range workbooks

You know studying is the only way to consistently improve your poker strategy, but where should you start? These workbooks answer that question and guide you through the same kinds of exercises our coaches do to keep their edges sharp. Each workbook lays out 40 unique hand reading exercises that solidify your ability to assign ranges in real-time. The more clued in you are to your opponent’s range, the easier it is to find +EV plays that other players will never find.

Just choose the workbook for the game you play (either live cash, 6max cash, or tournaments), and make it your goal to do 1 exercise per day. You’ll be astounded at what your game looks like after a month!

Not sure where to start?

With so many options it can be tough to decide exactly what you should study next. If we can make a suggestion, we’ve found that players have amazing success with CORE. When you sign up for CORE you get 100+ lessons that are perfectly structured so you learn the right concepts at exactly the right times, plus there are quizzes, achievement badges, and a leaderboard to compete on. And CORE is just $5/week so it won’t break your bankroll. Enroll today and thank us tomorrow!

Crash Courses

If a full-fledged course seems like too much to handle right now, our Crash Courses are the next-best thing. We’ve taken some of our best PRO videos, packaged them together with extra supporting material, and made them available for everyone.

(If you are already a PRO Member, or if you have already purchased one or more Crash Courses, access them via your account dashboard.)

We pulled together some of our best PRO videos from coaches like James “SplitSuit” Sweeney and Ed Miller to build up your $1/$2 live cash game skillset. With over 11 hours of content covering everything from barreling to bet sizing to preflop adjustments, you’ll feel way more prepared during your next session.

3betting preflop is one of the most important skills a tournament player can have. As the blinds increase and stacks get smaller, knowing when to shove over a preflop raise can be the difference between making the final table and bubbling again. Includes a study guide and extra quiz questions.

Here’s a great entry point for learning GTO strategy in poker. You’ll learn what GTO poker is and how it makes you money, play “toy games” to build GTO skills from scratch, and use the GTO+ software to analyze your spots. Contains 7+ hours of video and a 60-page companion eBook with quizzes and exercises.

Want all the Crash Courses in one bundle?

PRO membership gives you an all access pass to Red Chip Poker. PRO membership includes all five Crash Courses and hundreds of PRO videos from dozens of top poker strategists like James “SplitSuit” Sweeney and Ed Miller. You’ll also get CORE 2.0, our powerful structured poker course with over 200 lessons. Join our community of dedicated poker players and get access to all the tools we use to win in today’s games.

stand-alone poker courses

Sometimes, a topic is so dense that a single video or book just won’t cut it. So we’ve put together some insanely-high quality poker training courses to guide you through skillsets that separate the good from the great players.

This 11-part course bridges the gap between GTO and exploitative poker. Our very own SplitSuit takes Miller’s best-selling book, Poker’s 1%, and breaks it down step-by-step. You will learn the major leaks modern players have today, how to visualize the “backend” of poker, how frequencies factor into a winning strategy, and how to build your own gameplan that keeps you bluffing the RIGHT amount. If your strategy has stalled out, or if you are preparing to move up soon, The One Percent is the right course to kickstart your game back into high gear.

The Hand Reading Lab breaks down poker’s most vital skillset: putting your opponent on the RIGHT range of hands. This 25+ video course teaches you the process for putting players on a correct range when they open-raise, when they call your raises, when they 3bet, when they cbet, and even how to precisely build turn & river ranges. No matter what playstyle you use, your hand reading skills NEED to be sharp to optimize your winrate and prepare for longterm success. Enhance this skillset now and start finding extra bluffs and thinner value in your next session.