Looking for all the benefits of a poker forum but with a way better experience? That’s exactly what the Red Chip Poker Discord offers! We’ve transitioned our forum over to Discord to allow for faster conversations, quicker answers, and more in-depth analysis on anything from poker hands to GTO strategy. Join for free and use it as much as you like ❤️

Channels To Explore

Not 100% sure where to begin? A Discord is similar to a forum in the sense that there are categories and channels to help organize discussions. This way you don’t see a random tournament HH get posted in the middle of a scintillating discussion about GTO open-raise sizing in live cash games. Here are a few suggestions:


This channel began about our book GTO Poker Gems, but has morphed into an “anything goes so long as it’s related to GTO poker” discussion. If you have any questions about the book, feel free to post the page number so it’s easier for others to follow (and answer) your questions!

GTO Poker Gems Book 🎦-new-videos

Never miss a new poker video from any of our popular YouTube channels. We typically upload 1-2 videos/week, and you’ll find the latest content right here. Be sure to also check the “Events” tab for upcoming videos and live premieres too.


Have questions about The GTO Poker Ranges App? Not sure when to use a particular range, why certain hands are included, or what ‘optional’ hands mean? Post any questions here and be as specific as you can when asking pointed questions; for example, adding 6-max > GTO > 3-Bet or Call > CO vs. SB can help you receive the most on-point reply.


Want to discuss something not quite related to poker strategy or hand history analysis? Fire in here, or jump into conversations around F1, odd memes, or see what’s upsetting Bpr this week today 😉