“This S*** works.”

– Morgan, CORE customer

“CORE does exactly what it said on the tin. It organizes my learning/study so I don’t have to. I am a better player already by the mere fact of now being a study/play player and not a read-the-odd-book, see-a-random-video fish!”
– Nick

“I’m (usually) a winning 1/2 rec player who recently went bust losing confidence after several losing sessions. CORE’s solid fundamentals and simple explanations led to my first winning session in longer than I care to admit. CORE pays for itself quickly and many times over.”
– Pat

“Definitely a viable and affordable alternative to having a live coach.”
– Tom

“CORE has really opened/blown my mind on what I thought I knew. I’m a low stakes player with plans to get to bigger levels. I really believe you’ve created a program that’s easy to digest and really complex if you want to dive deeper. I truly appreciate the price point. I’m a low stakes player, so this gives me the edge I need without breaking my liferoll. My wife appreciates that mostly.”
– Jesse

“My biggest struggle was getting into an organized/structured routine. CORE is providing the syllabus that I would want from a college course! This is superbly organized!”
– Tim

“Been playing recreationally for a few years, but feel I haven’t really progressed that much. For the small cost of the equivalent of 1 pint of beer a week there are zero complaints, and I feel I’m approaching the table in a better head space and awareness.”
– Brad

“I love how welcoming you all are. Such a comfortable way to learn. It feels like you honestly want me to get better, instead of just show off how good you are. That’s a big deal to students. Teachers that are inspired by the improvement of their students is the mark of a great teacher.”
– Joe

“CORE’s “syllabus-style” pedagogical approach is THE way to learn poker. Thank you so much for this content.”
– Brandon

instant access • cancel anytime

We built CORE for busy people:

  • 100+ lessons. Complete one or more in a single study session.
  • Exclusive videos. Multiple coaches. Accessible to all levels.
  • Hand breakdowns. See lessons in action with in-depth hand analysis.
  • 20+ quizzes. Challenge your knowledge and get feedback to plug leaks.
  • Achievements & badges. Earn awards for lesson progress and quiz performance.
  • Lesson discussions. Have questions? Ask them on any lesson.
  • Cancel anytime. Study break? No problem. Pick up where you left off when you return.
  • $5/week. Any bankroll can train with CORE!
Watch your leaks get plugged and your winrate rise…

instant-access • just $5/week • cancel anytime

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