Equity Realization

(Editor’s note: PRO/CORE subscribers may wish to review the CORE lessons on expected value (EV) and equity before proceeding.) In order to best understand realization, we first need to take [...]

Fox: June Hand Analysis

Greetings again Red Chippers. My article, and it’s companion video below, are about a tournament hand. No, Red Chip isn’t going to change it’s focus to tournament play. But this hand was very [...]

Poker Exploits In 2020

Poker is all about exploits. Your goal is to find leaks in your opponent’s strategy, figure out how to best take advantage of those leaks, and then implement plays to exploit their [...]

Transitioning From Other Games To Big O

Whether you’ve never heard of Big O, heard stories about the unmatched action, huge games in the Pacific Northwest and California, or maybe you’ve seen the large amounts of Big O games running at [...]

Fox: May Hand Analysis

This month’s hand history actually comes from a few years ago. I told someone about the hand this week and they thought it was really instructional, so I moved it to the front of the list. [...]

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