Tournaments #5: ITM And Deals

When we left our tournament in my last article, the bubble had just burst and you had cashed. Congratulations! But this is no time to rest on your laurels. In fact, one can argue that the real [...]

Exploitative Poker 101

With all of this conversation about GTO poker amongst players, it seems like exploitative poker has gone the way of the dinosaur. Who even cares about exploitative play when we have GTO solvers [...]

Busting Myths: A Balanced View Of Balance

“Balance is important in poker!” “If you don’t balance your ranges the good players will take advantage of you!” “Always use one bet-sizing for your entire range to avoid giving out info.” We’ve [...]

Tournaments #3: Early Levels

For the remainder of this series I am going to break down tournaments into three stages. Exactly where these divisions occur is a little fuzzy, but roughly speaking the early, middle, and late [...]


I’ve been playing poker a long time – too long. While life events took me off the path of guns and glory, greatness and bracelets, when I do stray outside my routine of being the unknown in [...]

Poker For Hearthstone Players

A couple of years ago we published a well-received two-part series aimed at Magic: The Gathering players interested in making the transition to poker. This was motivated, at least in part, by the [...]

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