In order to play poker well, you must first know which starting hands are playable at all. Level 1 addresses that question in detail, then provides simple strategies for postflop play.

LEVEL 2: CORE Foundations

Level 2 contains lessons on the fundamental strategies and concepts you need to win. Most lessons take 10-20 minutes to complete. We recommend completing all Level I lessons before moving on to Level II for maximum retention. (If you want to go back and review COREientation, click here.)

LEVEL 3: CORE Strategies

The third level courses & lessons build upon your poker foundation. Each lesson is a little longer at 15-30 minutes, more in-depth, and bridges the gap between the basics and complete +EV lines. Mastering these lessons is crucial for the advanced line work and expanding your playbook.

LEVEL 4: CORE Crash Courses

The fourth level focuses on specific NLHE formats. In Live Cash, Ed Miller prepares you to beat $1/$2, move up to $2/$5 and compete at $5/$10. Our Tournaments Course is taught by WSOP bracelet winner Chris “Fox” Wallace, and guides you from the early stages to the final table.

LEVEL 5: CORE Hand Reviews

The fifth level courses combine foundational elements and skills to break down specific situations and complete in-depth explorations of single hands. Each lesson takes typically 15-20 minutes and links to prior lessons when helpful. Expand your strategy by meticulously working through each hand history.