Do you remember the first time you played poker? Anecdotally it seems many of us learned the rudiments from our grandmothers who, in many cases, delighted in beating us out of a few pennies. Or maybe some buddies in college invited you to their regular game, in the hope they could make some money off their latest newbie.

Regardless of how you began, it seems inevitable that if you ever played again it’s because you found the game fun. Sure competition and the prospects of winning drive our desire to play any game, but if doing so isn’t enjoyable, the entire enterprise would be a colossal waste of time.

  • Play

  • Have Fun

  • Study

  • Win More

  • Have More Fun!

After a while, you realized that poker had some theory behind it. You noticed in your home game that the same players often came away winners. Despite the social camaraderie and friendly competition, any game is more fun if you win more often than you lose. So you decided to take steps to improve your poker game. Maybe you checked out some free YouTube videos or bought a couple of new poker books.

Was that learning fun?

You may be one of the fortunate few who finds standard training materials enjoyable. But with Red Chip Poker’s CORE program, having fun while learning and learning fast is central to the way the course was constructed. All of our content creators love the game, and want you to get that same enjoyment through the very stage of improvement!

With the beginning player in mind, CORE has been put together by a team of professional poker players, all of whom have extensive experience with coaching novice players. This wealth of experience, along with many having backgrounds in higher education, has allowed them to put together a comprehensive course that can take a poker rookie to a winner in casino games in a matter of weeks.

Sure you have to put the work in, but with our emphasis on making the learning process enjoyable, we’re convinced you can do it. Why are we so confident? From the testimonials of those who have completed the course who are winning and having fun doing so.

We also had another element of having fun in mind when we priced CORE. If you’ve been playing poker for a decade and are turning a profit, it might be fiscally sensible for you to pay $1,000 for some of

the hardcore poker courses or 1-on-1 coaching available on the market today. But such costs are prohibitive to a player, no matter how enthusiastic, who is just getting their feet wet.


For this reason, we priced CORE at a mere $5/week. We know of no better value for the beginning player. And to make your life even easier, you can suspend your subscription at any time if things come up, but then leap back in again whenever you want with no penalty; picking up the course EXACTLY where you left off.

So what is it exactly that CORE has to offer? We have relied heavily on the tried-and-true methods of higher education in developing a hierarchical curriculum.

Level One

Our Level I lessons lay out lessons in a systematic fashion all the fundamental elements of poker that you will need for success. This ensures you have a strong foundational root, the ability to understand poker terminology, and are prepared to crush the more complex stuff in the upcoming levels.

Topics include math (made VERY simple!), ranges, when and why you should bet, and how to think both preflop and postflop.

Level Two

These lessons pick up speed quickly and expand upon the basics while getting into more of the sophisticated facets of poker. We know from personal experience that plenty of regular opponents in our games have simply never grasped these concepts. Thus we are giving you an enormous edge and setting you up to win.

Topics include 3betting, barreling, ramping up your aggression, bet sizing, when to call down, making big folds correctly, player profiling, live reads, hand reading, the basics of GTO, hero-calling, check-raising, and more!

Level Three

Our Level III lessons apply the theory you have learned with real-world hand examples.

You’ll see the concepts in practice, thereby putting what at first may seem abstract information into profitable execution. All of the lessons recognize that different individuals learn in different ways, so we have taken care to present the information both in videos and through detailed written text.

In addition to pooling the experience of professional poker players and coaches to produce CORE, we have also taken particular care to incorporate sound pedagogy. Thus in addition to a natural progression from one topic to another, we have also included a large number of quizzes so you can track your progress. These quizzes act as a means to establish how well you are absorbing the material, but are also designed to be entertaining. Once again, our theme is that learning poker should be fun.

While CORE is ideal for a beginning poker player, we are also convinced that many of you who have been playing recreationally for years could gain enormous benefit from taking this course. Our confidence stems from the tens thousands of hours the team has collectively spent playing poker. Every session we see our opponents making BASIC mistakes that they could eradicate if they simply spent the $5/week on CORE.

Don’t make the same mistakes they do. Join CORE now and have fun, learn fast, and become a player to be feared.