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Access / Memberships

I have a Red Chip Poker Membership, what do I have access to?

Can I use the app without internet access?

Paid app members can access all of their ranges without internet access. You will need internet access to update the app, join in community conversations, etc.

Do I need to register again?

Existing Red Chip Poker users can purchase full app access whether they have an active membership at the moment or not, using the same credentials they use at the website. 

Do I need to create a new account for the app?

The website and app use the same account management system, so if you created an account on one, that same account works for both. If you misspelled your email address, please contact support. If you need to reset your password, please do so in your profile in the app.

Ranges / Poker Questions

Is this a good app for beginner poker players?

Yes! Use the exploitive ranges if you are a new cash game player.

I have a question about a specific range

Head to our Discord to talk about specific ranges, how and when to use them. Our team is there to answer these questions, and the rest of the community of fellow poker players has great insight as well.

Are the ranges from the website the same from the app?

Every range that’s on the website you’ll find on the app. However, we’ve added new range categories only to the app (for example tournament ranges) along with any future ranges that will only live in the app.

Where do I find the ranges on the website?

The ranges will be located where they always were, within lessons in the CORE and PRO libraries. Every range that’s currently on the website will be in the app, but any future ranges added to the app will not be added to the website.


How much is the app?

The GTO Poker Ranges By Red Chip has free ranges available, but there are two price tiers for full access: $99/year or $12.99/month, renewed automatically, cancel anytime. Both tiers give you access to the entire app and you can pay via credit card or PayPal. Cryptocurrency payments coming soon!

Payment Methods

You can pay with a credit card and PayPal (which allows you to pay through a credit card, PayPal credit, or through a bank account). Cryptocurrency payments coming soon!


The app isn’t working. Help!