Nits? No! Not Nits!

As a general rule I like to get seated in a poker tournament before its scheduled start time, but the Wynn Fall Classic made that close to impossible. It was a little after ten when I rushed into [...]


I finally lost my mind last night. It started (well, it started in June, but that’s another story) when another poor fool shipped his gutter over my flopped straight after I potted the turn [...]

Living on the Edge

Monday evening in a Las Vegas restaurant with three poker veterans. International Man of Mystery (IMOM) is recounting a PLO hand he played in Switzerland. Much to the befuddlement of medical [...]


I’m here at the “Full of Crepe,” finally having found some decent breakfast, more than a mile from my hotel at the Sands Casino in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  This isn’t the first amusing [...]