Playing in really soft games can be a bit confusing. You see everyone around you playing terrible hands, bottom pair scooping $300 pots, and no end in sight. This episode discusses five tips for playing better in these insane games by answering a question that was sent in. Matthew G asks:

I have started playing some local live cash games where the players are absolutely shocking but have money to burn. It is basically just a crapshoot and none of them seem to even care that they are throwing their money away.

Can you recommend some general guidelines for tackling these sorts of tables. It seems like a hugely profitable opportunity but I need some advice on overall strategy.

Hosted by James "SplitSuit" Sweeney

A soft game doesn’t mean you can sit back, relax, and rake in the profit. You’ll need to play your A game just as much as in a tough game, or you’ll be leaving value on the table. Plus, losing in a soft game can be tilt-inducing like nothing else, so don’t let your guard down.


SplitSuit’s tips for maximizing value at a soft game fall into five categories:

Stay Focused On Value

  • Play a strong range vs. opponents playing too many hands
  • Bet for value
  • Take advantage of implied odds
  • 3-bet lighter than normal vs. marshmallow players

Bluff Less (But Still Look For Bluffs)

  • Fewer opponents folding in soft games
  • Don’t auto-C-bet bluff when you miss flops
  • Keep looking for bluffs, but be more selective

Bet Size Better

  • Tend toward 2/3rds or pot-sized bets vs. marshmallows
  • Exploit inelasticity with larger bet sizes
  • Don’t worry about bad players noticing your bet sizing

Keep The Atmosphere Light

  • Whatever you do, keep ’em smiling and setting money on fire
  • Being fun and social will help with the boredom of playing tighter
  • Don’t make any negative remarks, keep a positive attitude
  • Make conversation, reply to questions, be friendly
  • Don’t let others make the game less fun

Don’t Tilt!

  • Whatever you do, stay focused and friendly
  • Expect suck outs and make sure you have a plan for not tilting

Want some more tips on this subject? SplitSuit wrote even more about this topic and gives some specific preflop advice for dealing with a table full of spewy players: Adjusting To Fishy Tables


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  • dutch81

    Another A+ video, greatly appreciated sir. TY.

  • Bradley

    Would love to hear ideas on how to get Grumpy Jim off a good action table. He’s so mad that if you straddle on his big blind he’ll actually sit out and buy the button next hand.

    • James "SplitSuit" Sweeney

      Needle him. He’ll either leave, fold more, or get pissed and more active. Either response works well for you =)

  • Romulo

    Really nice podcast!

    Happened with me yesterday! Got completely crazy with a guy playing EVERY hand and he called me a triple barrel hitting 2 pairs with Q3o on the river against my AK.

    I’ve been playing a lot here in London using this strategy on a £1/£1 game. Also I’ve been cold calling A LOT and 3 betting much less and it is working really well for me.

  • DafarginNuts

    I truly enjoy your videos and podcasts. Your book DFRP is a great text and mandatory for EVERY aspiring player.
    Great work my friend….Sincerely


    • James "SplitSuit" Sweeney

      Thanks Jim! If you have any suggestions for future episodes/videos, I’m all ears!

  • michael

    brilliant as with all your work, I play in the mentioned game and everything you mention is spot on. keep up the good work

  • Spartan Poker

    Thanks for sharing this informative tips. These tips are really very helpful.