Learning How To Lose

Ever think about hands in the shower? I’m not talking about bad beats. I’m referring to thoughts concerning your line work on certain board textures out of position against multiple [...]

Burn Your Poker Books

Poker books suck. The statement may be hypocritical, given I took part in writing one of the too many poker books out there. However, I choose to stand by my opening statement. Why would I say [...]

Streaming Poker Online

When I first started playing, I would never have envisioned a situation where people tuned in to watch me play online poker. To be frank, when I first started I was terrible, so you wouldn’t have [...]

You Should Limp More Often Preflop

Limping gets a bad wrap. Limping just isn’t cool anymore. The act of limping isn’t as sexy as Three-Betting and running elaborate multi-street bluffs. Therefore, through the years, limping lost [...]

Playing Underground Poker Games

For years, my poker experience centered on rounding an array of underground games within the New York City/New Jersey area. Even though today I go to Parx Casino (PA) and Borgata in Atlantic City [...]

Facing Tilt In Poker

Nine players of the same technical skill level play each other endlessly; who wins? Well, besides the rake of course, the player who can avoid tilt wins. It is astonishing how tilt and the mental [...]

Keeping Poker Alive (With Soft Skills)

When the old school players ruled the game, they preached discipline. Discipline to not overplay hands and not pile in chips with any Ace on an Ace-high board. Today, as I return from a poker [...]

Long Ball Poker

If you play live poker, you’ll notice that most winning players play similarly. They reside in a safe cocoon and avoid other regulars while feeding off the weak. Three-bet ranges are nearly [...]

Double Barrel Syndrome

“Don’t C-bet unless you have a double barrel plan.” I heard this once. Honestly, I am not entirely sure where but it is undoubtedly a great piece of advice, and today I have chosen to forward it [...]

The Two Faces Of Ace-King

Coming from an online background, I am taken aback by these comments. Three, Four, and Five-bets are common place with AK on the virtual felt but it seems we have entered an alternate universe [...]

Are Queens The New Pocket Jacks?

“But Queens are a premium hand!” Well, obviously. Many today argue that Queens are the most versatile hand in poker. However, with this versatility comes substantial risk. If you give a powerful [...]