When I first started playing, I would never have envisioned a situation where people tuned in to watch me play online poker. To be frank, when I first started I was terrible, so you wouldn’t have enjoyed the show regardless.

I’m not proclaiming to know it all, or will I ever, and that is not the goal in streaming, at least not mine. Depending on your taste, you may or may not like this next sentence. My goal here is not education. There are many platforms, including the one you are reading this article on, dedicated to making you a better player. My goal is entertainment with a hint of education.

Why did I choose to stream?

I felt that RedChipPoker as a whole needed life and character. As a company, we became obsessed with not doing anything wrong, so much so, that we started to become bland.

My colleagues also thought I may be too analytical in poker conversation, and not entertaining to listen to on other platforms. If you ever met me, or played alongside me, you would know that that is the furthest thing from true. However, it is not their fault. Our vision includes not making any public relation mistakes. In fact, I have had articles shut down because of fear of what you may think.

As a result, for better or worse, I was boxed in. Once a month, I made a video analyzing poker concepts to help our members improve. Since it was the only opportunity I had to reach my audience that month, I tried to make the most of it. I attempted to discuss the toughest concepts and situations in efforts to provide value. I know some of you appreciated that, but I also know I lost some of you. Now, I want to show that poker isn’t all analytics, and there is much more to this game. As a result of this, hopefully bring back some of those I lost by solely speaking on higher level topics.

Where I Teach

At some point, besides the game itself, we also fell in love with the characters of poker:  Phil Hellmuth and his rants, Scotty Nguyen ending every sentence with “baby”, and Mike Matusow complaining how bad his luck is. We love that. If I can bring a little of that back with streams, I would consider it a job well done.

RedReport Interviews

In an effort to showcase the characters of the game, I started a series called RedReport. By the time you read this article, I would have interviewed Matt Berkey and Ed Miller. Both have accomplished so much. Matt plays the biggest cash games in Las Vegas. He can be found playing millionaire dollar pots in Aria’s Ivey Room. Ed has written more than a handful of best-selling poker books. However, both are individuals who the public acknowledge but don’t know much about. They are not alone, as this is the case with many in the poker industry, even the current stars of the game.

My goal with this series is to shine light on the characters and lifestyle of the people in the game. Poker, more than any other industry, has interesting people with great stories, and those stories should be highlighted. Future interviews will include the likes of streaming legend Gripsed and WSOP Main Event Final Tablist Billy Pappas!

What to expect from RedChipPoker streams?

The RedChip channel will feature myself more than the other partners. I am fine with that, and hopefully you will be as well. Out of the group, my character is built most for this, as I am capable of saying anything at anytime. Also, I have more liberty in terms of time. Miller is busy writing legendary books. Sweeney and Hull are building a major project, which will be unveiled this summer.

If you have tuned into the streams, you would know I make it as entertaining as possible. As of it today, the conversations have touched on everything from 50 Shades of Grey to what my girlfriend is currently upset at me about. I will continue to work hard in finding innovative ways to make the stream a must watch for you, and suggestions will always be welcomed.

Wrapping It up

My vision is to showcase poker in the light it deserves. It is a game that is full of interesting characters with back stories worth noting. Also, it is a game that is, more than anything else, fun! There is a challenging analytical side that helps us remain intrigued. However, this side should no longer take the forefront. In fact, it should be a backdrop if we want this game to grow.

I ask that you join me. Tune in to the channel, start conversation, ask questions, but most importantly have fun!

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If you have any questions, hit me up on Twitter: @ChristianPoker. Better yet, tune into the stream and give us a follow. Peace!

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  • Jesse

    Hey Christian,

    There’s a semi-famous hearthstone streamer I watch regularly named itshafu recently started playing poker on stream recreationally – might be a good opportunity to help each other out if you’re interested in getting more viewers.

    • Christian Soto

      Will do. Thank you for the heads up!