Playing More Games For More Profits

No-limit hold’em games ain’t what they used to be. This is no secret to anyone reading this. Ten years ago, when no-limit first started seeing action in live card rooms, the games were ridiculous. People would stack off with middle pair or top [...]

How To Barrel: 3 Tips

Learning to barrel and bluff effectively is critical to live no-limit hold’em success. Once you get past the bingo games at the lowest stakes, many errors your opponents make will be folding errors, and you have to have a comprehensive barreling [...]

When To Call Big Bets

In my videos lately I’ve been presenting some basic rules that should help you to beat $1-$2 consistently. One of the biggest—and most important—rules is that you shouldn’t pay people off. If someone makes a big bet on the turn and river, and [...]

Making Money With Bayes Theorem

In my last article, I introduced Bayes theorem, a basic concept in the study of probability. Understanding how Bayes theorem works in poker is critical to making many different types of decisions at the table. The example I gave last article was [...]

Bayes Theorem and Poker

This article is about something I use all the time when I think about poker situations, but I rarely see anyone else talk about it. So even though I’ve written about it before, I think it deserves some more attention. It’s Bayes theorem. Bayes [...]

3-Betting From The Blinds Shouldn’t Be Scary

I believe that 3-betting preflop from the blinds is a critical tactic to defeat loose raisers and blind steal attempts. I make this play far more frequently than most live $2-$5 and $5-$10 players do. In fact, when confronted with a loose or [...]

Measuring Success In Poker

Poker is a peculiar game. There’s no score. If you’re playing a cash game, there’s no winner. If you’re playing a tournament, there’s one winner and a zillion losers. Your opponents can play terribly and win a [...]

Two Spots You Should Auto-Raise

One of the blessings of playing live rather than online is that live players are much more predictable in their attempts to be tricky. Live players have a few stock moves that they use as misdirections—attempts to misrepresent their hand [...]

3 Ways GTO Can Improve Your Live Game

To say GTO is a big buzzword in poker today is an understatement. Quite frankly, the time for you as a poker player to learn what GTO is was yesterday. But no worries, we’re going to get you up to speed quickly so you won’t get left [...]

A Quick Way To Think About Flop Texture

Once you have your two cards in hand, there are 19,600 different possible flops that can come. That’s a universal number whether you play live poker, online poker, or just in your local home game, or even video poker… and that’s a [...]

Playing Consistent Poker

The successes of national chain restaurants like McDonalds, Chili’s, and Chipotle has always fascinated me. These places don’t always have the highest quality food. Often they aren’t even that cheap compared to independent competitors. There is [...]

What’s Your Poker Percentile?

By now most people have heard about range-based thinking. When you read your opponents’ hands, you are not trying to put them on a single holding. You are trying to think of all the possible hands they could hold while playing the same way. This [...]

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