I’ve been playing poker a long time – too long. While life events took me off the path of guns and glory, greatness and bracelets, when I do stray outside my routine of being the unknown in [...]


I finally lost my mind last night. It started (well, it started in June, but that’s another story) when another poor fool shipped his gutter over my flopped straight after I potted the turn [...]


I’m here at the “Full of Crepe,” finally having found some decent breakfast, more than a mile from my hotel at the Sands Casino in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  This isn’t the first amusing [...]

New York Part Three

“Loitering for Gambling” is the citation, handwritten and barely readable on the pink carbon copy.  It’s a shameful one, not for the gambling, but for the “loitering,” which is anything but what [...]

New York Part Two

The reinforced door to the host’s apartment is being repeatedly struck and will soon be destroyed; small pieces of it fly into the hallway.  A hinge snaps.  The players are frozen by the [...]

New York

Note: I’m staying again with a friend in Manhattan so I was inspired to write up something that happened during last year’s visit. Without connections, it takes a bit of time to get into a [...]

Gargamel Rising Part 2

Gargamel ponders. The player to his left, the always emotional Achilles, tells him to do something. The problem Gargamel is having, is how to play his holding, A4dd, from this position, and in a [...]

Jet Lag

At the end of another long night of 73o and missed flops at two different limits and three tables, I’m exhausted, worn.  A favorite dealer has asked me what is wrong, (Nothing that can be [...]

35x (Part 3)

Mental game concerns are as inherent to a winning poker player as his technical strategy.  So spend time working on your mental game.  Read about it.  Keep records of it.  Act on what you learn.  [...]