Biggest Pot Of My Life

This week, host Zac Shaw talks about the biggest pot he ever played at $1/$2, and in the process details over a dozen ideas you can use to analyze your own big hands. Rather than focus on [...]

The Legend of Sirch

(As told by Princess Anagramatica of Asalgave) Once upon a time in the village of Evans Hill in the slightly unfashionable region of Essenteen lived Sirch the bookkeeper. Sirch enjoyed his work [...]

Locals II: Contract

I am not a people person. Although I started my poker career in a live setting, for the simple reason that the internet hadn’t been invented yet, I took to online play like a cat to a bowl [...]

Interlude: Arousal

Kittens, I am blocked! Specifically I am finding it impossible to complete the promised “Locals II: Something Something Something” (even the sub-title has hidden under the bed). I suspect a large [...]

Interlude: Rules

I quite enjoy walking on The Strip when the temperature isn’t 115F and I’m not late for something, but there’s a stretch on the east side that invariably tilts me. It begins [...]

Locals I: Ol’ Walker

With the WSOP safely in the rear-view mirror, Las Vegas poker is slowly returning to normal. Freeroll promotions are back, and with them the local promo-chasers have re-emerged from their lairs. [...]