The Legend of Sirch

(As told by Princess Anagramatica of Asalgave) Many years ago in the village of Evans Hill in the slightly unfashionable region of Essenteen lived Sirch the bookkeeper. Sirch enjoyed his work [...]

Poker is Love

In this early Twilight Zone episode convict James Corry runs toward the rocket ship bringing his supplies. The year is 2046. Corry has been sentenced to a solitary life on an asteroid nine [...]

Rage in Spades

Fact: women play live poker in tiny numbers. Maybe they’re busy changing diapers or working three jobs or they live too far from casinos. Or maybe they’ve been harassed by tilted aggressive men [...]

Lectio Libratus

Over the last few days I have received multiple links from poker and non-poker friends on different social media platforms concerning Libratus, the AI that just busted up four human poker [...]

Locals II: Contract

I am not a people person. Although I started my poker career in a live setting, for the simple reason that the internet hadn’t been invented yet, I took to online play like a cat to a bowl [...]

Interlude: Arousal

All thoughts and opinions are that of the author and do not necessarily reflect the thoughts and opinions of Red Chip Poker LLC. Kittens, I am blocked! Specifically I am finding it impossible to [...]

Interlude: Rules

I quite enjoy walking on The Strip when the temperature isn’t 115F and I’m not late for something, but there’s a stretch on the east side that invariably tilts me. It begins [...]

Locals I: Ol’ Walker

With the WSOP safely in the rear-view mirror, Las Vegas poker is slowly returning to normal. Freeroll promotions are back, and with them the local promo-chasers have re-emerged from their lairs. [...]