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Christian’s early poker playing days included waking up at seven in the morning; catching a bus to New York City and from there taking a second bus to Atlantic City to play eight hours and returning. This was done numerous times a week. The solo trips seemed ludicrous at the time to many but the discipline, experience, and funds gained has paid off exponentially.

After countless hours of playing and watching poker training content from the major training websites, Christian still felt something was missing from his game. He then decided to hire a coach, which he still feels was the best decision throughout his poker career.

Shortly after, Soto began to grind the underground poker scene in the New York City area and quickly became a feared presence on the felt. After a year of crushing the games, word spread and players began to inquire for his help and being coached by Christian. At this point, Christian began taking on students, which he now feels can hold their own against anyone around.

Red Chip Poker is Christian’s first book, although he’s been featured in coaching material as a guest-coach in the popular SplitSuit video Advanced 3-betting In Position under the moniker “ToppestPear”.  Christian brings an excellent mix of online analysis with live poker nuances to help readers of all backgrounds get the most from his works.  Check out the book by clicking the button below!