It’s amazing how much more difficult the second-best poker hand is to play than the best hand.

To seasoned poker players, this likely comes as little surprise. Fortunes are often lost with second-best hands. Still, it’s pretty impressive that KK has such strategic complexity for being the penultimate pocket pair.

You know what else is impressive? Our collection of KK strategy tips. We organized our coaches’ best KK videos, articles and blog posts, and proudly present to you the definitive guide for playing pocket kings:

Playing KK Pre-Flop

Would You Fold KK Preflop?

“If you had the discipline to fold pre-flop because you thought you were behind, would you have had the discipline to fold later?” Read More

How Often Does Another Player Have AA Pre-Flop?

Coach Doug Hull’s advice: “The truth is, it really doesn’t matter.”

SplitSuit’s Guide to Pocket Kings

30+ minutes of KK analysis with many different positions and board textures.

Limp KK with 9BB?

In a tournament, does limping KK on the short stack ever make sense?

Playing KK Post-Flop

Flop: 4♣ 6♦ 8♦

• OOP Villain bets $0.05
• Hero raises to $1.10, Villain calls

Flop: J♠ 4♠ 3♥

• Hero bets $40
• Villain raises to $120

Flop: A♦ 6♣ 5♦

• Hero bets $3
• Villain shoves all in $8.51

Playing KK on Turn & River

Playing KK when turn brings 2 suits and an ace

Did I get coolered with pocket kings?