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Want to get better at hand reading? Trying to move from live $1/$2 all the way up to $5/$10? Struggling to react to 3-bets and 3-bet more yourself? Our themed video playlists give you perspectives from multiple coaches on how to approach poker's most complex challenges.


Ed Miller

Author of Poker's 1%, The Course, Playing the Player, How to Read Hands at No Limit Hold 'Em.

Brad Lampman

James "SplitSuit" Sweeney

Andrew Brokos

Coach of 500+ students, creator of the Hand Reading Lab, prolific author & video producer.



Dustin Goldklang

Doug Hull

In-Demand Poker Coaches & Authors

Coach & author of Poker Plays You Can Use and Poker Workbook for Math Geeks, Flop Falcon developer.



Christian "Chin" Soto

Coach, professional player, poker strategy author and teacher at Solve for Why Academy.



Dr. Tricia Cardner



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"Last week I qualified for the Irish Open, having won a live satellite where one ticket was up for grabs. Your videos definitely helped."

"I just wanted to congratulate you guys on an awesome site. I've joined a couple other online training sites, but their videos are boring and not helpful. I've only watched a couple videos from you guys, and they've been solid."

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