Doug Hull is an interesting poker player with an even more interesting hat. He’s an author, co-founder of Learn more about Doug below:


Where is your original hometown, and where do you call home now?

Small town Michigan, and after retiring from an engineering career I recently moved to Las Vegas.

Where specifically are we most likely to see you playing cards these days?

I am still deciding which room I will become a regular in. Being new in Las Vegas, I am enjoying exploring all the rooms. I suspect I will find myself in LA quite often too.

When and how did you start playing poker?

I started with play money on-line. With a programming background, I built a lot of simulations to improve my intuition. Eventually I moved to live no-limit at Foxwoods in the early 2000’s. I never really played much on-line.

When and how did you decide to play poker professionally/seriously?

After I took some coaching sessions with Ed Miller we started collaborating on a writing project. That project became Poker Plays You Can Use. This was so successful that it started becoming a significant percentage of my income, even as a full-time engineer. I knew I had a lot more books and training material to make and the 9-5 was holding me back.

What do you consider your proudest poker achievements?

My first poker book, Poker Plays You Can Use, being taken so seriously in the market. I introduced a new way of formatting hands in print. Miller adopted this format for his Poker’s 1%, so that was a great vote of approval.

When and how did you start coaching others?

2013 WSOP time. Soon after my book came out, I started getting requests.

What is your coaching specialty? Do you consider yourself a ‘specialist’ in any games?

I am good at teaching the fundamentals, more people need these but do not know it. In my 9-5 career I was an instructor of engineering and programming for about 15 years.

What is your goal in providing coaching through Red Chip Poker?

This is a great game, and if people are going to play, they should invest in playing it right. I actually really like working with older players that are using poker as retirement entertainment and income. I am the oldest of the founders at Red Chip and I think I can relate more with the retiree mindset when approaching poker. I still can and do work with younger students.

Please share a coaching success story with us:

I got someone from non-player to a decent short stacker.  She is getting more comfortable with mid-stacking now because she keeps doubling through. A student of mine in Florida quit an accounting job to play full-time and is doing well.

Do you have a professional career/background outside of poker?

I was wise enough to save very well as an engineer and I have no wife or family to support. This set me up well to be an author and content producer full-time. Las Vegas has a huge entrepreneurial spirit. I suspect I will be able to find all kinds of interesting opportunities here.

What are your favorite hobbies and pursuits outside of poker?

Woodcarving, blacksmithing, chasing wild-women.

Can you link us to all of the books you’ve written?

Rapid Fire Fun Questions

Favorite color: Red

Favorite starting hand: Aces for real, QTo for fun and balance.

Favorite poker room: Mohegan Sun

Last song you listened to: Advent of Panurge by Gentle Giant.

<iframe title=”Gentle Giant – Advent of Panurge” width=”1140″ height=”855″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Waffles or pancakes: Waffles

Favorite drink: Mad Monk, Gin, frangellico, lemon juice in equal measure.

Favorite thing to cook: My girlfriend does that. No longer allowed in kitchen.  Well played by me!

Do you have a lucky object?: Lucky plastic dinosaurs.

Favorite board game: Tichu (german style card game)

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