Jordan Young aka “Jymaster11” is an online poker tournament grinder. Learn more about Jordan below:


Where is your original hometown, and where do you call home now?

I’m originally from Muskegon, Michigan. I’m currently living in Toronto, Ontario.

Where specifically are we most likely to see you playing cards these days?

You’re most likely to see me playing cards on PokerStars under the screenname “Jymaster11” for 10 months out of the year.  For the past 5 or 6 years, during June and July, I’ve made the trip out to Las Vegas to play between 20 and 30 events.

When and how did you start playing poker?

I’m the stereotypical 20-something year-old that was impacted by the MoneyMaker boom.  I started playing with friends on the weekends in high school.

When and how did you decide to play poker professionally/seriously?

I really fell in love with the game during my 2nd year of college and I decided it was something I wanted to throw myself into full time. I hadn’t had any success online at this point so it may not have been the wisest of decisions but I just really loved the game. I started playing a lot of live cash at the beginning at the 2/5 level and then found online tournaments shortly after.

What do you consider your proudest poker achievements?

I would say my proudest poker achievement wasn’t one tournament or day specifically but more so a time period a few years back when a lot of my peers saw me as one of the best online tournament players in the world. Being the top ranked player on P5’s a couple different times would be what I could point to as a specific achievement in my poker career.

When and how did you start coaching others?

I started coaching in 2012.  I’ve mainly done my coaching sessions via Skype and they mainly consisted of reviewing HH’s of students but I plan to change my coaching strategy in the future. Going over HH’s can be helpful up to a certain extent but I plan to do more theory based coaching going forward.

What is your coaching specialty? Do you consider yourself a ‘specialist’ in any games?

My coaching specialty will be NLHE.  I will be coaching for live cash only but I’m very comfortable coaching tournaments either online or live.

What is your goal in providing coaching through Red Chip Poker?

I hope to help anyone I coach with understanding the grander scheme of things when they’re sitting at a poker table. Discussing hands is a great way of understanding the game but developing a specific strategy and executing it successfully will be what takes a player to the next level.

Please share a coaching success story with us:

I don’t want to take credit for anyone else’s success specifically because I think that while I helped them get better, they were the one’s that put in the hard work. The most extensive coaching I’ve done with one person was over ten, 1-hour, sessions and over the next couple of years he has been a 6-figure winner in online tournaments.

Do you have a professional career/background outside of poker?

I don’t currently have a professional career outside of poker but it’s something I would like to develop in the future. I’m not exactly sure what that would be but I look forward to exploring that avenue in the coming years.

What are your favorite hobbies and pursuits outside of poker?

Some of my favorite activities outside of poker include golfing, basketball, softball, and working out.

Rapid Fire Fun Questions

Favorite color: Green

Favorite starting hand: The winner

Favorite poker room: Red Rock in Las Vegas

Last song you listened to: Lil Dicky’s Pillow Talking

Waffles or pancakes: Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Favorite drink: Besides water I would say Coca Cola

Favorite thing to cook: Chicken, rice, and vegetables

Do you have a lucky object?: Nope

Favorite board game: Monopoly as long as it ends with someone flipping the board in anger

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