Welcome to the second episode of The Official Red Chip Poker Podcast! This episode begins a unique podcast-type where we ask our coaches one question and create an on-focus show highlighting answers to help you play better poker. Today’s question is simple:

“How do you study poker and continue to improve? What’s one thing players could implement in their study-time to improve quicker?”

Featuring: Little, Gano, Dr. Cardner, Soto, Hull, Haynie, and James



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  • Mike Gano – Gives us a glimpse of his study process, talks about deliberate practice and how it relates to poker, and shares how setting micro-focuses has helped him improve
  • Derric Haynie – Explains what his off-table study routine looks like
  • Jonathan Little – Shares why poker videos (when watched the right way) are extremely powerful for improving quickly.
  • Dr. Tricia Cardner – Delves into the power of note-taking when watching poker videos
  • Gareth James – As a SNG player, James shares what his off-table routine looks like
  • Christian Soto – Explains why you need to be brutally honest with yourself and surround yourself with players that are better than you.
  • Doug Hull – Why teaching other players can massively benefit you

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  • dutch81

    “That’s complete crap”. I LOL’ed instantly b/c this was me a few years ago before I was brutally honest w/ myself. Since then, I have been targeting my biggest leaks one by one. Great video.

  • John Fields

    Hey Split

    Love the podcast, something new and fresh… I was wondering if you have anything on You tube or planning an episode on the topic of standard of operation. I always get confused or hesitate as far as what is standard of operation, I should be thinking during a hand. Should I be thinking stack size first or ranges first or the math first, pot odds first and so on and so on… This is the one thing, I wish there was standard or operation on how to operate during a hand.
    Any advice would be appreciated…

    Thank you and continue the great work..

  • Christopher S

    Great video! I have a hand that I believe was plus EV that I played last. Top two pair on the flop and I pushed all-in in a 1/2 game for $51. I have further details on the hand. Position and the style I believed my opponents were seeing me as. Very interesting spot for me. I think luck just wasn’t on my side last night and this would still be a profitable play in the long run. The turn and river just demolished my range. I could use some further hand analysis just to make sure this play is profitable because I think it was and I just want to clear things up. Playing a live tournament at 6:30 tonight then 1/2NL cash also live! Great video to increase my studying. Taking notes on training videos seems to be the best bet for me!

  • Ranadeep P

    Great Podcast, I learned very important points based on the great insights of great Minds!!Took few notes while listening and surely It will help me in my study and my game, learned that off table study is the key to the great success of good players and deliberate practice can help me to my game to work on every concept I face throughout, surely will hear once more,maybe I can learn more from this!!

    Thanks for this great Podcast James and the Team!!!