Dara O’Kearney, Irish pro and satellite specialist, has teamed up with poker media mainstay Barry Carter to literally write the book on STTs. They both drop by for our first double-guest episode to discuss some of the secrets they’ve sealed in this tome of satellite poker wisdom.

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  • Luigi Cappel

    Really enjoyed this podcast. I’m off to buy the book and get back into satellites.

    • Kat Martin

      That’s great to hear!

  • Matt Riebel

    Does the extreme case of folding AA occur only in satellites?

    • Kat Martin

      Satellites provide the most obvious example, but one can construct others where folding AA may be correct. For example, suppose we’re in the BB with a 4bb stack with three players remaining in a situation in which the top two get paid. (This might occur in a 6-max SNG.) If the button and SB both have 30bb, the button shoves, and the SB calls, it’s correct to fold AA.