Adjusting Poker Podcast Fausto Valdez is one of our favorite coaches and contributors. This episode’s discussion showcases his keen sense of when and how to make adjustments in any poker environment. We talk to him about his successful tournament grind at this year’s WSOP, his return to crushing cash games and coaching up-and-coming poker pros. Plus, listen in as Fausto walks through a hand he played with host Zac Shaw at this year’s Red Chip Poker meetup in Las Vegas.

Guest: Fausto Valdez


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Fausto Valdez has developed as a poker player right in front of our eyes. The first time we had him on the podcast years ago, he was discussing moving up from $1/$2 to $2/$5. These days, he’s a successful cash game professional, coach, and an up-and-coming tournament grinder.

Fausto catches us up on his month of grinding WSOP and Venetian events, which included several deep runs, a few cashes, and a great summer experience overall. He also tell us what he’s been working on in his own game and the games of his students.

Hand History Review

Fausto also graciously goes over a hand that host Zac Shaw played with him at this year’s 2018 Red Chip Poker Las Vegas Meetup. For those listening along, here’s the hand:

Zac opens 8♣ 9♣ in MP to $16
BTN calls, BB (Fausto) calls
Flop 8♥ 7♣ 7♠ ($48)
BB bets $25
Zac raises to $75
BTN folds, BB folds.