James and Zac discuss poker workbooks, why they are valuable and how you can use them. They also touch upon the impact of live poker shutting down.

Featuring: James Sweeney and Zac Shaw

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  • jim.witschey@gmail.com

    Hey James and Zac! Thanks as always for the great content.

    It seemed like one of James’s primary reactions to the coronavirus situation was that it’s all “so weird”. This has been my reaction, and I wanted to share something that helped me:


    It helped me put some useful words around “wow this is weird”. I hope it helps you too.

    • Kat Martin

      Many thanks for that, Jim. I’m sure it will be of interest and comfort to the Red Chip team, as well as our followers and subscribers. Cheers ~ Kat.

    • Nicely put Jim, I think you are 100% correct about that 😃