Welcome to Season 3 of the Red Chip Poker podcast!

Zac and James are back to discuss the topic of folding — are you doing it too much? Most players are. They cover everything from managing standard ranges to the psychological aspect of the game.

Featuring: Zac and James

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  • Mark Adams

    Hi guys. Thank you for the content. I have been, in the past, one of those nits. Always afraid to mix it up unless I had a monster. My ROI was abysmal. I have been working on getting in there and really mixing it up, raising more, 3-betting more, bluffing more. I’m now a break even, maybe even a little winning, player. I now live by the saying “If everyone at the table is happy to see you sit down, you should take up checkers.” See you next week.

    • Kat Martin

      Appreciate the feedback, Mark. Glad your results are on the up. Sounds like you’re having more fun too!