Tuning in to Betting Frequencies in Poker

The vast majority of my students are retirees or will soon retire. As their poker prowess grows, they comment that people at the table “misunderestimate” them, and give them credit for hands when they should not. I took this at face [...]

Flop Textures: Reading & Reacting to the Board

Any poker book can give you a fairly simple pre-flop strategy that will be basically correct. On the other end, the river can be solved exactly with a variety of game theory optimal solvers. The beginning and end of the hand are fairly [...]

Betting Patterns and Adjustments

In a recent session with my student Shiner, one of his opponents started to exhibit a betting pattern. I picked up on it, and decided on an adjustment. Shiner missed it initially. Can you find it? And what other observations can we make about [...]

The Most Unlucky Guy in Las Vegas

I just looked at buying a quad-plex in Las Vegas so that Kat, Comrade Vape and I could form a little poker commune. We want to be within two miles of the office (the Strip) so that pretty much means we are going to be in a neighborhood that [...]

Semi-Bluffing is Also a Defense

We often think of semi-bluffing as an attacking move. Plan A: I can get them to fold or Plan B: Suck out. A third reason is deception on other hands. Let me tell you about a hand I just played tonight that completely lacked deception by Villain. [...]

Why You Set Mine Against Nits

We have all heard the rule about “Only set mine if effective stacks are X times the size of your call.” I suspect we have all heard different versions of this where X varies from 10 up to 30. So which is it and where does this rule [...]

What $12K at $1/$2 Looks Like

I recently hit a nice milestone at my favorite card room, the Mirage in Las Vegas. It is not the only place I have played, but it is my favorite and most consistently profitable game. I love the Mirage. Since I moved to Las Vegas, I have put in [...]

The Future of the Flop

The guys that had root access on poker servers so they could see the other player’s cards had an incredible advantage. But what if instead of being able to see the opponent’s hole cards, they could see the future? What if they could [...]

Not Limping vs. Limping, Poker 101 vs. Poker 102

First Order Approximations I have a degree in engineering. Early on, one of the professors said to us that “The professors are all lying to you. With each class, we lie to you less and less.” What he meant by this is there are some [...]

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