You sit waiting patiently for that big pair, and then BOOM: pocket Jacks! Now what? This page is going to be a collection of fun and interesting spots with big pairs, from pocket Tens to Aces, chock full of tips and strategy to win more with these rare pairs.

Big Pocket Pair Videos

If you think you are leaving money on the table with these hands, pay special attention to these videos! There’s more free content at the Red Chip Poker YouTube channel.

Facing A Limp-Re-Raise With TT

An EP limper pulls the ‘ol limp-re-raise…but should we give him action with TT?

QQ On A Connected Texture

Hull reviews a spot where Hero has QQ on a 654 flop, the kryptonite flop for overpairs.

JJ In A 3Bet Pot

Facing a 3bet with JJ is tough. But facing an overbet when you hold an overpair is just confusing.

Middle Set With Pocket Jacks

Hero 3bets JJ from the BB and catches a nice surprise on the flop. But he still has to craft the perfect line to maximize value.

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Inducing With KK

SplitSuit reviews a hand where hero checks KK to induce a bet…but would value betting be the better play?

Pocket Kings OOP

SplitSuit reviews a hand where Hero checked the turn with KK in a 3bet pot. But would betting again be better?

A Tricky MTT Limp With KK

Doug looks at a hand where a player took a creative preflop line with KK late in a tournament. Creative lines are awesome, but is this the right time for it?

Check/Shoving AA On The Turn

SplitSuit reviews a hand where hero check/shoves AA on the turn rather than betting again for value. But the texture may not be the best to take this exact line.

Isolating With QQ

Doug answers a “what if I had XX?” kind of question when it comes to isolating with QQ and KK.