Book Review: Red Chip Poker: Late Position

92 pages; Available as E-Book, Kindle Version or Bound version

By Doug Hull, James “SplitSuit” Sweeney, and Christian Soto

RCP-3D Book 4

Written by three expert players, each with considerable teaching and coaching experience, this is not a “beginner” book. But some knowledge of the game, gained either through playing, or reading a beginner book or two should be sufficient background to enjoy and benefit from this work.

Both Hull and Sweeney have written earlier books of excellent quality and value, dealing with Low Stakes, No-Limit Holdem, and while not beginner books, those might also be good to have seen.

This book, a “fascicle” really, is 92 pages in length, dealing with types of plays made in late position. It is the first of a series of four, the later ones discussing Middle Position, Early Position, and The Blinds.

The book begins with an introductory chapter which outlines a few principles, and provides URLs for several helpful videos . Some of these talk about useful ideas, such as PreFlop Combos, PostFlop Blockers, Basics of EV, and Basics of Hand Reading. Others describe the use of available small programs such as Flopzilla, Equilab, and a Fold-Equity calculator. In the E-Book, these segments can each be opened from right in the program, a very nice feature!

Poker Concepts

There then follows a series of thirteen hands, each fully presented and gone through, street by street, as well as overall. Each of these hands represents a different situation seen in late position, chosen as one often misplayed and/or poorly understood by the average Low Stakes NL player.

A few examples include: Betting Straights on Flush Boards; Inducing a Squeeze; Thin Value Betting on An Awful River; and Taking a Passive Line against and Aggressive Player. There are nine others, as well, and each hand is a separate chapter of its own, fully explained.

The final short segment of the book is a series of a half dozen “Missions,” each an assignment of something useful to include in your game, employing some of the principles in the book.

I am fortunate to have played with Mr. Hull, and Mr. Sweeney and I can assure you they are “the real deal.” I have not yet met Mr. Soto, but I’ve heard quite a bit about him as a talented player and teacher.

In closing I can recommend the book as a great value.

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Bill Conklin

Las Vegas NV