In SplitSuit’s video “Going All In Preflop With AK & QQ” he introduced and used a powerful spreadsheet that he created. The goal of this spreadsheet was to simplify the EV calculation in preflop all-in situations, and situations where a 3bet or 4bet would be committing. By simply inputting a few variables (some constants like pot sizes and some variables like equity estimates), you are given the expected value of your play. What used to take a ton of time by hand, can now be done in seconds with just a few inputs

Free Poker EV Spreadsheet

SplitSuit even went further by adding a graph to each sheet that essentially replicates the EV with slight tweaks. It analyzes 12 other “slightly different” scenarios where our equity ranges from +/-10%, our opponent folds +/-10% more often, and/or both. This allows you to see the exact EV with your initial inputs, and then some close scenarios ranging from much to slightly better or worse. This again saves  you a massive chunk of time so you don’t need to manually input these changes by hand…it’s just done for you automatically.

Feel free to download and use* this spreadsheet for your own exploration. If you have any questions, or need any help with it, please first consult the video. If you are still unsure, just post a comment below or in the forums!

Want to learn where these equations come from and how EV works? Watch these two videos:

The Basics Of EV

Advanced Poker EV

* Red Chip Poker LLC and SplitSuit LLC make no guarantees that the spreadsheet is 100% correct. Please make sure to test and calibrate the spreadsheet before using it, and understand that any changes to the formulas can break the spreadsheet/graphing functionality. There are cells that appear empty, but actually contain data, so please make sure to keep that in mind before adding data into already occupied cells. To utilize the breakeven calculation you will need to utilize ‘Solver’, a free Excel add-on. For more information about using solver, please see this guide.

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  • Romulo

    Just to let you know guys, I’ve just imported the spreadsheet to google spreadsheets and it works perfectly…(only without the funky effects)

  • Roy

    Ran into a 4bet (2.5x my 3B. Not a shove) last night while holding AKo.

    Villain was pretty fishy but also fit the role of the guy who would limp/4bet KK+ to a tee. I struggled to lay down my hand (but did) and found myself crunching numbers today to see whether it was the correct thing to do. Turns out it all depends on the range. Given the game was the way it was I was fine with the decision knowing there would be less marginal opportunities later in the game.

    This video answered all the questions I had about the hand and I look forward to using this spreadsheet as a tool to become more familiar with these exact situations in the future.

    As always, thanks. Good stuff.

  • sumoswim

    If I had these tools before I would not have lost all this time.

    thanks a lot

  • Anthony

    Hi James,

    I downloaded the spreadsheet but everytime I put on the amount of 4k and above to the “how much I shove” column, the spreadsheet does not compute and I got this result “EV=########”. May you help me with this one? thank you very much!

    • Anthony

      Hi James,

      I noticed it was not the amount of the Stack that causes an error, it was the “equity when called”. I tried different equity percentages and when it goes up till 62% or more, that’s where the error happens.

      Is there any rule on this spreadsheet that if the max for this column is just 61%? thus if I have high equity of 71% I just use 61% for this spreadsheet?

      I got the equity percentage of 71% when I run pokerstove based from his preflop raise stat on HEM2.

      Thank you very much for your help.

      • James "SplitSuit" Sweeney

        When Excel gives a ### error it usually means that the entire value cannot fit in that cell. I just tried using 99% equity and it worked fine – so can you try making the D column wider and see if that fixes it?

        • Anthony

          Hi James,

          You are right, I was trying to make the C column wider earlier no wonder it does the error. Widening the D column fixes everything.

          Thank you very much for this and for all that you do man!

  • Kat Martin

    You can always use this link too.