Welcome, Red Chipper. If you’re reading this, you’re new to Red Chip Poker. We wrote this quick guide to get you started immediately on transforming your game, so you can win more and have more fun.

Dashboard Orientation

First, watch this brief orientation video to see what you get with your PRO membership, and how to navigate around your PRO dashboard:


Now you should have all the info you need to log in to your PRO dashboard and find whatever topic you’re seeking in our vast library of videos.

Forum Introduction

We also encourage you to say hi in our friendly forum thread specifically for new member introductions. We believe our community is one of the best in poker, and we guarantee a warm welcome for all new members.

If you’d like to learn more about some of the features that set our forum apart, we made a video on some of its unique features:

PRO Videos to Start With

Finally, we wanted to point you to some specific PRO videos to get started on:

  • Ed Miller’s The Course is perhaps our most popular video series. The famous poker coach and author takes players step-by-step through 12 foundational skills needed to beat no-limit hold ’em at $1/$2, move up to $2/$5, and eventually compete at $5/$10.
  • More of a tournament player? Browse our extensive tournament video section and you’re sure to find something to help you reach the final table in any field. Our coaches have huge cashes in the most competitive events.
  • If you’re looking for tips that match your experience, we’ve sectioned our videos just so. Our Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced match strategies with skill levels.
  • Many of our members struggle with 3-betting strategy, so we made a playlist that covers almost every imaginable aspect of 3-betting, including how and when to do it, and how to react to 3-bets from other opponents.
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  • Rishi Srivastava

    What limit does pro best suit 1/2 nlhe, 2/5 nlhe, 5/10 nlhe?

    • Kat Martin

      Thanks for the inquiry. In many ways the material in PRO is designed to take you from $1/$2 to $5/$10 if that’s your goal. Beyond that probably requires one-on-one coaching.