Before Doyle Brunson won the WSOP Main Event twice with T2, it was AQ that was known as “The Brunson.” Why? Because Doyle hated playing it. It’s a tricky hand, but our RCP coaches can help you stay out of trouble.

AQ In A Multi-Way Pot

Doug Hull discusses the value of AQ in a multi-way pot when Hero flops top pair against suspected flush draws. Important concepts include sizing and valuing top pair appropriately.

Ace Queen Videos

AQ is one of the more tricky hands to play in poker. Does it play closer to AK, or closer to AJ? It’s smack-dab in the middle, but not quite so easy to always know what to do with it. On this page we’ll have a collection of videos discussing different hands with AQ, to help  you choose better lines and become a more dangerous opponent. Learn how to play Ace Queen preflop, on the flop, and when to bluff and value bet it accordingly. Also make sure to subscribe so you can see our new videos right away!

Facing A Huge Raise With AQ?

A player opens to $60 UTG at a $2/$5 game, and we have AQ. SplitSuit discusses what he would do in this situation, and uses some simple poker math to prove it.

Calling A Squeeze With AQ?

Hero raises to $15 and ends up getting squeezed to $75. Hull discusses how to react against this 3bet when OOP.

Overs & A Flush Draw

SplitSuit looks at a hand where AQ flops overcards and a flush draw. Knowing when to play draws aggressively is a key element of playing AQ suited well.