What are your plans for the WSOP? I did pretty well last year but I still think I can make improvements. This year I’m going to place a heavy emphasis on doing the simple things right. I’m going to regulate my sleep schedule a little better. Last year I played 3-4 24+ hour sessions. I won a lot of money in all of them but I’m not sure it was worth it when it took me two days to recover from those marathons. I guess I need to have to discipline to leave a good game so I don’t burn out before the end of the series.

By the same token, I need to make sure I eat better. Last year I didn’t have a plan for my diet and I think it took a toll on me after 40 days on non-stop grinding. I’m going to get a Starbucks Protein Bistro Box each morning and something from All American Dave’s in the afternoon. It’s a 6 weeks grind so I need to keep my strength up by avoiding overly processed, unhealthy foods.


Just as importantly, I need to chose my events well. I have a pretty clear picture of my schedule this summer and I’d like to share it with you. As usual, my plan is designed to target weak fields and give myself a chance to utilize my deep stack cash game skill set in a tournament setting whenever possible. So here is the master plan in outline format…

  • I just put in my 30 day notice on the house I’ve been renting. The owner put it up for sale so I’d have to move soon anyway. I plan on buying a house in Pompano when I get back.
  • I’m leaving my car at an extended stay parking facility.
  • I fly out on May 26th. By the way, I’m flying JetBlue. Don’t fall for the $90 Spirit flights. It’s like a flying torture chamber. Words cannot express how much I hate Spirit.
  • I’ve booked a room at the RIO for the first 11 days. I used my Total Rewards card to get four nights free. I’m also chopping with a friend. If you decide to get a room later in the summer, make sure you call and ask for a room in the newer tower. The older one should be condemned.
  • I’ll be playing $5-$5 Big O (or bigger) for the first three days. I won ~$30,000 in the game last summer. It’s a pretty sick game if you know what you’re doing.

5 Card Omaha Strategy

  • I’ve pre-registered for Day 1A of the Colossus. If the RIO is really expecting 10,000 entrants I’m sure it going to be insane and completely unmanageable. I registered for Day 1A so I can fire another Day 1 if I bust early.
  • After that comes the $1,500 6-Handed event. I think I’m pretty good short-handed even against a younger group of online players.
  • Then comes the $1,500 Shootout. Again, I’m looking to utilize my short-handed game.
  • Obviously, I have to play the Millionaire Maker and the Monster Stack. Last year, I think the unique names attracted significantly softer fields.
  • I’m also playing the $1,500 Split Format event. It’s the same as the Mixed Max last year, just with a different name.
  • The $1,500 Extended Play event is also going to be great. 90 minute levels for a $1,500 is pretty awesome.
  • The $1,500 PLO8 also has a ton of value for me. There are very few people that actually know how to play split pot games well.
  • The Draft Kings 50/50 event seems pretty cool to me. I think the extremely flat payout structure will play a fairly big role in ICM early on. I’m not sure many amateurs will know how to adjust.
  • The Little One for One Drop is a must due to the huge fields it attracts.
  • I’m also going to play the WSOP.com Online Hold’em event strictly because I want a chance to win a bracelet in my underwear.
  • I’ll play the Lucky Sevens event if the cash games are slow.
  • And of course, it would be criminal not to play the Main Event.

Right now, I haven’t sold any action. I’m planning on firing all of the smaller events on my own money. Worst case scenario, I brick every event and lose ~$15,000. I think that’s extremely unlikely. I also think it’s highly unlikely that I’ll be stuck in cash after the best six weeks of the year. If I’m up $15,000 or more by the end of the series I plan on firing the Main on my own money as well. We’ll see how it goes. Wish me luck and I wish you the same!

Update: Want to see how my summer went? I wrote all about it here. Enjoy!

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