2018 was an amazing year for Red Chip! Here are just a few of the awesome things that happened throughout the year:

  • CORE was launched in early 2018 and has helped thousands of players improve their game
  • The 2018 Las Vegas meetup was our biggest to date
  • The forum grew by ~2K new threads with an average of ~10 replies/thread
  • PRO added 100+ brand-new videos to the library
  • The Red Chip Poker Podcast surpassed 1,000,000 downloads (and nears 2 million!)
  • Our first full-length book written by 2 Red Chip coaches, Optimizing Ace King, was released

While we love to reflect on the wins of the year, they only motivate us to keep pushing forward and building you the best possible poker training experience.

Which brings us to what’s coming in 2019…

The Podcast

The Red Chip Poker Podcast is coming back with brand-new episodes beginning on January 1st, 2019! We’ve brought on new host Robbie Strazynski (of Cardplayer Lifestyle fame) to fill the big shoes of hosts James “SplitSuit” Sweeney and Zac Shaw before him. Robbie is bringing a new format to the show to take you behind the poker scenes and into the minds of players like you.

Want to be on the show? Send an email to support@redchippoker.com with PODCAST in the title and let us know in a few sentences what makes your story/project so special!


CORE, the complete A-Z poker course, was released in 2018 and was a smashing success. In 2019 you can expect to find new hand breakdowns added regularly in Level 3 and we might have a few Level 1 and 2 lessons planned as well 😉

Have you done CORE yet? If not, watch the trailer and see what this course can do for your game…

Crash Courses

In 2019 you can expect to see some brand-new Crash Courses added to the mix. The new Crash Courses will come with even more structure, more quizzes, and due to popular demand: complete off-line access! Expect the first couple of Crash Courses to be added in Q1 of 2019.

You can catch up on any of our legacy non-download Crash Courses (which cover $1/$2 live cash games, aggression, and tournaments), or continue reading and go PRO to get them as part of your PRO Membership!

Poker Aggression Crash Course
MTT Crash Course Logo

PRO Membership

As always, the PRO Membership will continue to be our “access to everything” tier for those looking to study hard and efficiently.

Poker LibraryWe are extremely excited to announce that in 2019 we are hosting a brand-new group coaching session EVERY month. These sessions will allow you to ask questions in real-time and learn together with an interactive group of like-minded players. Every month, we’ll even show you which PRO videos to study beforehand to get the most out of this coaching session.

Our first group coaching session will be hosted by “w34z3l” on January 30th, 2019 – so go PRO now to lock up your seat along with complete access to CORE, our entire PRO video library, and all Crash Courses are included as well. When you study the right stuff the right way, your play becomes so much more powerful!


& save 21 red chips...

Did you know you can save over $100 by locking up your entire year of PRO membership right now? Grab PRO for all of 2019 for just $495 and gift yourself the poker training you want for less than a single $2/$5 buy-in!

We hope your 2018 was solid, and even more, we hope the upcoming year is your best one ever. Onward to 2019!

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  • Michael D'Agostino

    Aw, it sucks to see Zac leave the podcast. He had a great radio voice and his excitement for each episode was super contagious.

    But anyway, I’m sure I’ll come to enjoy Robbie as well. Good goodluck to both 🙂

  • George Thiel

    When do you expect the existing crash courses to be available for offline?

    • Kat Martin

      Hey George: We’re currently reviewing that timetable, I’ll get back to you when it’s finalized.
      Cheers ~ Kat

    • Kat Martin

      Hey George:

      Just heard back from HQ. The current plan is to have all crash course released in 2019 to be downloadable, but to keep the legacy courses streaming only.

      Thanks ~ Kat

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